Jacob’s Creek is New Zealand’s strongest wine brand

Jacob’s Creek is New Zealand’s strongest wine brand according to consumers (Photo: Jacobs Creek)

The British-based research company, Wine Intelligence, has just released its 2018 report showing Jacob’s Creek as New Zealand’s strongest wine brand according to consumers. In October 2017 1000 “regular wine drinkers” were asked to “list the wine brands purchased in the past three months”. The results are shown below with results from a similar study in 2016 shown in brackets next to the current figures.

Top Brands

1st Jacob’s Creek 24% (25%)
2nd Villa Maria 21% (18%)
3rd Oyster Bay 17% (18%)
4th Montana 17% (20%)
5th Lindauer  16% (17%)

Other brands

6th Stoneleigh
7th Wither Hills
8th Cloudy Bay
9th Church Road
10th Selaks
11th Corbans
12th Brancott Estate
13th Banrock Station
14th Mission Estate
15th  Wolf Blass

Jacob’s Creek retails locally for as low as NZD $9.99 through Liquorland and Big Barrel. So how important was price according to the 1000 regular wine drinkers surveyed? The same Wine Intelligence survey revealed that “grape variety” and not “promotional offer” was the strongest choice cue. The percentage who quoted “important or very important” when selecting what influenced their decision to make a purchase are as follows:

Choice Cues

1st Grape Variety 76% (73%)
2nd A brand I am aware of 70% (68%)
3rd Promotional offer 57% (60%)
4th Recommended by friend or family 56% (56%)
5th Country of origin  53% (52%)

That surprises me. A supermarket wine buyer told me that 80% of wine sales are “red tag” wines at reduced prices. If the discount was significant, I would have thought it might encourage someone to switch from a brand they know or even a grape variety they planned to buy. I accept that friend/family recommendations might be well down the list, but am surprised to see it beat country of origin.

These findings were put to the test when Kingsley Wood, owner of First Glass Wines in Takapuna, asked 61 of his customers to vote for their most important cue at a wine club meeting. The results were:

1st Grape Variety (47 votes)
2nd A brand I am aware of (6)
3rd Recommended by friend or family (5)
4th Promotional offer (2)
5th Country of origin (1)

That roughly supports the survey results albeit with stronger support for “grape variety”. Kingsley commented that if you surveyed supermarket customers “promotional offer” would probably top the list.

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