Wine is best when shared

Wine can be an incredible a link between people (Photo: Thinkstock Images via

The next time you are sharing a gorgeous bottle of wine when dining out with friends, spare a thought for the single diner across the room and send a glass their way.

When travelling for work, I can sometimes find myself dining alone. While I’m completely comfortable with the concept, one often ends up having a less than satisfying wine experience.

Of course, wines by the glass are ideal for the single diner. But the choice is often limited, and quality can sometimes be questionable, especially in the current climate when sommeliers at hip establishments feel the need to differentiate their by-the-glass offering through the inclusion of the wildest wines they can find.

The pleasure of wine is infinitely increased when shared. To receive an unexpected glass of wine from a neighbouring table is a treasured experience, creating an indelible memory of the evening. But to send one is even more special.

Wine can be an incredible a link between people.

The pleasure of wine is infinitely increased when shared.

While dining in a Melbourne wine bar last week, I struck up a conversation with the lady at the neighbouring table as we were both drinking the same pinot blanc. This turned into a two-hour discussion about wine and life.

Drinking wine for a wine lover is a highly emotive experience. And the unique combination of scents and flavours etch experiences into our memories. Recalling the taste of a wine can remind us of the events of the day, the food we were eating and the music playing. These memories bring animation to a conversation, that may have started with wine but then finds a tangent of its own.

I once met a fabulous older lady who confessed that the reason she served her guests wine was so they stayed longer and talked more.

In this day and age of digital communication, I couldn’t agree more.

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