Wine certificate courses in Auckland and Wellington

I’ve just added four courses in both Auckland and Wellington to my program for 2018. They are:

Auckland Courses

Wellington Courses

Other courses will be added later in the year in Auckland an in other New Zealand regions.


Is the course designed for people with a little, or a lot of wine knowledge?

  • I teach students a tasting method I call “wine profiling” that will increase the rate at which both beginners and advanced students make sense of wine. I also cover a lot of “need to know” stuff about wine.

How many wines do we taste on the course?

  • That varies. Perhaps a dozen on the one-day course and more than twice as many on the five-week course.

What’s the difference between the five-week and one-day courses?

  • We visit a winery on one evening during the five-week course. Apart from that, the course content is identical.

How many people in each class?

  • Typically, 20+/- people. No more than 25 people.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

  • Yes. When you purchase a Gift Certificate the recipient’s name goes in the register. They simply need to pick up the phone and book a course when the timing suits.

What will I learn on the course?

  • How to get better value from your wine purchases.
  • Make more sense of restaurant wine lists.
  • Distinguish the characteristics of different wines.
  • How to make wine taste better.
  • How to select wines for current drinking and for cellaring.
  • How to match wine and food.
  • How to identify faulty wines.
  • The best conditions for storing wine.
  • How to maximise the life of leftovers.
  • Perfect wine serving temperatures.
  • Why some wines need decanting and others don’t.
  • The language of wine.
  • Why some vintages are better than others.
  • How to taste wine like a professional.
  • Many other useful tips for increasing your enjoyment of wine.

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