Drink and get driven home

Let someone else drive yourself and your car home (Photo: Safe Drive Nevada)

Do you sometimes find yourself out at night with your car and, after having a few drinks, needing to catch a taxi home to be on the safe side? It’s a pain to have to make a special trip to pick up the car the next day. Last week, I would have caught a bus into the city but needed to go to a gallery opening in the eastern suburbs before dinner. A slightly complicated round-trip, too expensive to cab it all the way, and buses and trains didn’t fit.

So I used WeDrive.

You need to organise this before your evening begins, to be sure of getting a driver. To set up the job, you make a phone call or use a smartphone app. They take down your details, including pick-up address, pick-up time, destination address, car rego number, etc. You get a phone call 15 minutes before the appointed time, and if you’re not ready, they give you 10 minutes grace and then start charging extra for waiting time.

The cost was a few cents over AUD $60: worth it for the convenience as much as for solving the drink-drive problem.

This is the second time I’ve used such a service. The previous week I used You Drink We Drive, and it was a similar cost and just as good a service. I was picked up in Ryde and driven home to Haberfield, the cost was a few cents over AUD $60. It would have been more than that for a return cab trip of 10km each way.

In each case, the driver’s work partner (once it was his wife) followed us in another car.

In my line of work, I often need an alternative way to get home after drinking at dinners and evening functions. I use light rail, buses and trains where possible to avoid expensive cab fares, but I’ll be using these kinds of service more in future.

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  1. Paul Boothby says:

    An arrangement that I have used many times – a great idea. You enjoy your evening out without worries, pay no more than a taxi, and have your car in your garage ready for the next day. After a few times you usually then have your “regular” driver and its as simple as booking ahead and nominating a pick up time.

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