Sales to China boosts Australian wine exports

Australian wine exports rise in China (Photo: Food Navigator Asia)

Australia has just released its Wine Export Report to 31 December 2017. Here is a brief summary of the main points:

Top Five Export Markets

Australia (AUD$) % change
China $848m +63%
USA $449m -2%
UK $348m -2%
Canada $187m -3%
Hong Kong $118m +7%
Other $610
Total $2.56 billion +15%


New Zealand’s wine exports for the same period were AUD $1.561 billion, around 61% of the Australian figure and 5% higher than the previous year.

  • Australia enjoyed the highest annual growth rate since 2004. Volumes increased by 8% to a record 811 million litres and average value increased by 7% to AUD $3.16 per litre.
  • Bottled wine exports increased by 17% to AUD $2.1 billion and average value grew by 3% to AUD $5.63 per litre or AUD $50.67 per 9-litre dozen.
  • Bulk wine exports increased 10% to AUD $440m and average value grew by 6% to AUD $1.03 per litre.
  • Bottled wine exports declined from 2008 to 2013 and have risen steadily since then largely on the back of growing sales to China.

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