Yet another confusing label

Confusing label (Photo: Bob Campbell MW)

Spotted on the website of Hawke’s Bay wine retailer Advintage with a price tag of NZD $11.99 or NZD $10.99 if you buy a case.

Do you think this wine is from:

  1. Marlborough
  2. Hawke’s Bay
  3. A blend of Marlborough & Hawke’s Bay

Pour yourself a glass of wine if you chose b) Hawke’s Bay, otherwise engage in mindfulness exercises until you achieve a state of calm.

4 thoughts on “Yet another confusing label”

  1. Bob Campbell says:

    My comments, if you read them again, are more bemused that grumpy.

  2. Marko says:

    Now then Bob, now you are nit-picking. This wine is simply labelled, quite classily in my view, and shows the wine to be from the Hawke’s Bay. Surely you do not plan to wage a campaign against every label that includes some sort of place name in the name of the wine. To do that one would need to be exceptionally grumpy.

  3. John Bartlett says:

    Made by Giesen apparently!

  4. Mahmoud Ali says:

    I can only assume that there is a place in Hawk’s Bay that is called Marlborough Ridge, otherwise it seems an entirely bizarre decision to name a winery thus.

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