Riesling downunder is on

Riesling Downunder tasting (Photo: Riesling Downunder)

Riesling Downunder is on again, starting this Sunday, with events in Melbourne and Sydney. Melbourne is the focal point. This event began years ago as the biennial Frankland Estate International Riesling Tasting. It was conceived and run by the small winery of that name from remote Western Australia. It’s grown, due to its ripping success. Now it has a new name, is backed by three wineries, Pikes, Jim Barry and Frankland Estate, and is triennial.

This year’s will be the biggest ever, with more than 70 wine producers from all over the world. They will come from New Zealand, Germany, Austria, France and USA as well as Australia. Dr Loosen, Georg Breuer, Gunderloch, and Brundlmayer are among the European contingent.

More than 500 wines will be poured. It’s a great celebration of this wonderful grape variety. Hunter Smith of Frankland Estate commented:

“Riesling Downunder brings together a group of passionate, committed winemakers who share the belief that not only is riesling the world’s greatest white wine variety but that it deserves greater appreciation and a higher profile than it currently receives.”

The events are all open to trade and public.

  • Riesling Riot Melbourne – Sunday 4th February
  • Tastings & Master Classes, Melbourne – Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th February
  • Riesling Riot Sydney – Wednesday 7 February

The event program and further information can be found at the Riesling Downunder website.

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  1. Mahmoud Ali says:

    I am lucky to be in Australia at this time and have a ticket to the event in Sydney. Looking forward to tasting heaps of fine rielsings.

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