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Te Whau vineyards (Photo: Bob Campbell MW)

I’ve always been a fan of Te Whau’s age-worthy flagship Waiheke Island red ‘The Point’. I was surprised to learn recently that Te Whau had been sold to a property developer who plans to subdivide and sell the land and winery. That does seem to be borne out when I log onto the winery website, which has become an advertisement for three large building sites on the Te Whau Peninsula.

I was sorry to learn that Te Whau will cease production. Te Whau founder, Tony Forsythe, is a serious wine enthusiast who has worked hard and tirelessly to develop a high-quality winery and restaurant, both of which will be missed.

It’s not too late to buy these classic wines. United Cellars are offering four vintages of Te Whau The Point, including my favourite, the 2013 Te Whau The Point (NZD $79.99), which is below the release price of NZD $85 and must now be showing the benefit of a little bottle age.

Other vintages include the surprisingly good and quite Bordeaux-like 2012 Te Whau The Point. From a moderately challenging Waiheke vintage it is proof, to me at least, that winemakers often try harder when the going gets tough and that the results can sometimes gazump wines from vintages reputed to be better. (NZD $79.99)

The 2014 Te Whau The Point was my pick of the bunch (I haven’t tasted the 2013 recently) and is even better than the wine I tasted upon release just over a year ago. (NZD $79.99)

The 2015 Te Whau The Point is still youthful and a little closed, but could well be the most promising wine of all. Time will tell (NZD$79.99).

2 thoughts on “Get the Point”

  1. Alli says:

    Also a huge fan of The Point and Te Whau in general , as well as a potential buyer on Waiheke, I looked at the three offerings a just after they went on sale last October.

    The vineyard lot includes a contract with Tantalus to care for, harvest and use the grapes on the land, in exchange for wine/meals at Tantalus. There is an out-clause – so if a new buyer wants to take over the grapes they can, though the building envelope is very steep there to build – and you’d have to take out a lot of vines to build a decent sized wine-making facility and/or tasting room.

    The gorgeous building which housed the restaurant, tasting room, wine making and cellar, has been sold. And the new owner (while a serious wine-lover) will be making it a private residence, no winemaking.

    But the developer is slowly emptying out the cellar so the market will likely see quite a bit more lovely Point wines.

  2. Jeffery Wells
    Jeffery Wells says:

    Sir Bob
    The real estate blurb says one of the lots includes the vineyard, which will be run by Tantalus.
    So continuing excellent wines are no doubt likely.
    Kind regards
    Jeff Wells

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