New Zealand wines over $100

Craggy Range vineyards and winery (Photo: Craggy Range Wines)

A couple of years ago I compiled a list of reassuringly expensive New Zealand wines I’d tasted in recent years. I managed to find 29 examples.

In this latest survey, I included every wine that I’d tasted in the past two years with a price tag of $100 or more. This time they totalled 38 wines (I didn’t include sweet wines in half-bottles).

Babich’s high-priced 2013 Centennial Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t appear because I have yet to taste it. At the moment it ranks as New Zealand’s most expensive wine according to supplied recommended retail prices (RRPs).

In terms of style, chardonnay was clearly top white wine while pinot noir led the way with reds. Here is the ranking:

Pinot noir 13
Bordeaux blends 11
Syrah 6
Chardonnay 6
Merlot 1
Fortified 1
Total 38

Hawke’s Bay was the top region with 12 wines, while Waiheke came second with seven followed by Central Otago with six. Mr Big (Marlborough) only managed to produce two wines with three-digit price tags.

Hawke’s Bay 15
Waiheke 6
Central Otago 7
North Canterbury 6
Marlborough 1
Auckland 1
Martinborough 2
Total 38

White wines (6)

Red wines (31)

Fortified wine

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