Price-perfect pinot

Hoddles Creek Estate winemaker Franco D’Anna in the vineyard (Photo: Hoddles Creek Estate)

Pinot noir is a relatively expensive wine. True or false?

Compared with shiraz or cabernet perhaps, the answer is yes. It’s been true for some years that in order to procure the really good pinots, you need to pay upwards of AUD $50 or AUD $60.

However, curiously, I’m noticing that there are more and more really tasty, enjoyable pinots that sell for moderate prices. Perhaps it’s because there’s more pinot being grown and made, and wineries are seeing the need for a range of pinots at a spread of prices. And most prices haven’t risen much in recent years, if at all, in keeping with the low growth of wages and the CPI.

I decided to have a closer look at the 90 new pinot noir reviews that I uploaded recently. I went through the spreadsheet and pulled out those that were special value at affordable prices, ie AUD $35 or less.

Here’s the list.

Happy drinking!

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