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Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I. I live in Devonport and contributed the forward, wine matches and my signature dish to this very high-quality production. It’s been a real community effort with many people contributing their favourite recipes and writing a line or two in defence of their choice, such as,

“This is one of my favourite recipes from my mum (Nana Reid). It is super-easy to make, even my husband does a great job!”

This is a very personal cookbook driven by a lot of pride and passion. Contributors have dug deep to offer tried and true recipes that really work. I get frustrated by recipes that only three-star Michelin chefs could possibly manage. These are tasty, practical dishes made from readily available ingredients that will please the family and impress visitors.

I should mention that my signature dish is smoked salmon. It is ridiculously easy to make and will build your reputation as a great cook. I’m embarrassed by the number of glowing compliments I’ve received for a dish that takes minutes to prepare (plus an hour or two to soak and 15 minutes to cook).

A Christmas gift solved!

Cost: NZD $49, 228-page hardback book with numerous, mouth-watering photos

Order: The Devonport Village Cookbook website

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