Age in an instant

Bryan Davis of Lost Spirits (Photo: Gabriella Hasbun/Wired)

Imagine transforming young wine into fully mature wine in just a few days. That’s exactly what Lost Spirits Distillery has done to whisky using their own “revolutionary patented technology”.

The technology works by exposing oak to high-intensity light and heat while suspended in a glass tube filled with young distilled spirit. The combination of specific wavelengths of light and heat has been proven to trigger the same chemical reactions that happen in casks aged for many years.

Lost Spirits started with two Scottish Malts that were so young they couldn’t legally be labelled as whisky. The spirits were then finished in California over 6 days utilizing Lost Spirits’ revolutionary patented technology.

Lost Spirits Co-Founder and inventor Bryan Davis said,

“We created our technology because we wanted to find a better way to make the spirits we like to drink. We didn’t set out to make well-aged spirits more accessible and affordable, by eliminating the time and cost of decades spent ageing in a barrel, though our tech does that very well. Rather we wanted to make some big progress. We think we’ve probably done that, but we’ll let spirits fans be the judge.”

Two whiskies were treated before being reviewed by the Whiskey Bible 2018, an annual publication that currently reviews 4,600 whiskies. One scored 94 points ranking it in the top 5% of whiskies reviewed, while the second earned a creditable 93 points.

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