The Craggy Range Prestige Collection

Craggy Range vineyards and winery (Photo: Craggy Range Wines)

They just seem to get better with each new vintage. Two out of three wines in Craggy Range’s Prestige Collection scored a record 98 points while the third, 2015 Craggy Range Sophia is a near record, with 97 points, one point behind the leader from 2013. I agonised over the points awarded to all three wines, tasting each daily for several days thanks to the wine preserving device Coravin. The final scores were my original scores.

The 2015 Craggy Range Aroha Pinot Noir from Martinborough is a true powerhouse that delivers such intense and complex flavours with great finesse. It is truly an iron fist in a velvet glove. It is easy to appreciate even at this early stage, although I look forward to tasting it again in the years ahead. (NZD $135)

2015 Craggy Range Le Sol Syrah from Hawke’s Bay is, in my view at least, the flagship wine of Craggy’s Range. The wine has doubled in price since its first release from the 2001 vintage but it has certainly grown immensely in stature. A blockbuster in the early years, the wine now represents elegance on a grand scale and is certainly no less age-worthy than it has ever been. (NZD $135)

The 2015 Craggy Range Sophia, also from Hawke’s Bay, caused me the most angst. It is a fantastic wine that arguably deserves a higher score, but it is held back by the sheer brilliance of the 2013 vintage. In hindsight, I should have given the 2013 an extra mark and added another point to the 2015 vintage. I would welcome the opportunity to review all three wines in another five years when I am sure that Sophia will have made the most ground. (NZD $115)

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