Nic Peterkin gets political

Nic Peterkin (Photo: L.A.S Vino)

“Fuck Him” is the name of a brave new wine which champions tolerance of all peoples, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and nationality. It’s a 2016 LAS Vino Chardonnay produced by Nic Peterkin, a bold young winemaker who carried off Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine’s young winemaker of the year award in 2016. He is also born of wine parents: Pierro owner/winemaker Dr Mike Peterkin and Shelley Cullen, and like them, lives and works in the Margaret River region.

Just who is the ‘him’ of the title is open to conjecture. It could be many of the political leaders of this country, or the big one across the Pacific.

The very busy, hand-written label carries these words:

“Made for the enjoyment of all countries, ethnicities, sexes, sexualities and religions. Made in Margaret River, Australia. Vines imported from France, (grown) under Israeli irrigation. Grapes picked by Irish, Estonians, Germans and Koreans under supervision from a South African. Bottled with the help of a Lesbian. Cork from Portugal. Boxes made in Indonesia. Pressed with a Swiss press. Software downloaded from India. Italian tractor. Label design from the USA. Exported to Singapore, Tokyo, China and the UK. Mexican winemaker. French oak. Bottled with help from a Dutch girl. Wax (for the bottle top) from the Czech Republic.”

You get the picture.

A search of both back and front labels gives no further hint as to the identity of ‘him’. I guess ‘he’ can be whoever the drinker wants or imagines him to be. We can each pin the face of our own devil on it and throw imaginary darts.

It’s quite cathartic.

And the wine is very good – as I’ve come to expect from LAS Vino. It’s AUD $55.

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