Bargains galore at New World Wine Awards

James Rowan – senior winemaker West Brook Winery – judging at New World Wine Awards (Photo: New World Wine Awards)

Results are out for the New World supermarket group’s annual wine competition. It’s certainly worth checking them out if you’re hunting for a bargain.

The competition attracted 1,250 entries and awarded 826 medals including 82 gold medals. All entries must have a retail price of NZD $25 or less and there must be at least 5,000 bottles for sale. The wine competition featured 16 professional judges. All wines were served blind. The top wines are re-tasted a second time for inclusion in the New World Top 50.

I particularly like the fact that six associate judges are selected from New World’s team of Liquor Managers nationwide. They provide their opinions but their scores don’t count toward the final mark. That’s a clever use of the event to upskill key staff and no doubt boost their enthusiasm for wine.

Here are the trophy awards.

New Zealand wines won eight out of ten varietal Champion awards:

The other two varietal Champions were:

In addition to the 10 varietal champions, there was one overall Champion Red and one overall Champion White award, which for the first time ever, were both won by one winery; Saint Clair Family Estate.

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