Mr Grumpy: misleading bottle stickers

Like it or not we are all influenced by medal stickers when buying a bottle of wine. I’m even guilty of having thought “Ah, there’s a bottle with my sticker on – it must be good.”

The subject was raised in a wine class recently. One student declared,

“I’d never buy a wine that didn’t have a medal sticker.”

Others nodded in agreement. I explained that all stickers were not equal. Take, for example, a “Winemaker of the Show” medal sticker. Is a bottle the correct place to display such an award?

I believe that the websites, email signatures and letterheads are the correct places to promote a “Winemaker of the Show” achievement. Put it on a bottle and prospective purchasers are likely to think that the bottle, rather than the winery, has won a special award. That’s misleading.

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