A trio of gold-ribbon pinot noir

Tim & Judy Finn of Neudorf Vineyards (Photo: Neudorf Vineyards)

Three noteworthy South Island pinot noirs from the 2015 vintage deserve a mention.

The 2015 Neudorf Moutere Pinot Noir from Nelson was the star of the trio, but not by a huge margin. Perhaps it’s a vintage thing but the wine seemed more accessible and suppler than the usually rather more heroic, structured wines under this label. I think it was all the better for that shift in style. (NZD $59)

2015 Greenhough Hope Vineyard Pinot Noir is another flagship wine from Nelson. At first, it appeared a little closed and less accessible, but the wine changed significantly as it sat in the glass. I believe in giving freshly poured samples a good swirl and at least five minutes in the glass, enough time to aerate a small tasting sample in a fairly voluminous glass. It crossed the threshold from silver to gold in just five minutes. (NZD $46)

The 2015 Ostler Caroline’s Pinot Noir from Waitaki Valley also opened up with a little air-time, although I sensed that it would have benefited from even more. It’s a fine-boned wine with a lot of potential. I re-tasted the 2013 vintage of this wine recently. Its score increased by one point in two years. I suspect the same will happen with the 2015 vintage. (NZD $59)

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