Coravin now seals screwcaps

Coravin ‘Screw Caps’ (Photo: )

Just released and only available in Australia and New Zealand, Coravin now offers a cap for bottles with screwcaps. It’s called “Screw Caps”

The “Coravin wine access system” works by plunging a fine needle through the capsule and cork, then pumping inert Argon gas into the bottle forcing a steady stream of wine from the bottle. When the needle is removed the cork reseals itself.

Coravin provides us with an opportunity to sample old bottles over a period of years without compromising wine quality or the ability to continue ageing in the bottle.

The adapter “Coravin Screw Caps” has just been released in this country. It does not seal as effectively as a cork, but they claim;

“When Screw Caps are used correctly and wine is stored properly, Coravin Screw Caps protect wine from oxidation for up to three months.”

Coravin Screw Caps cost NZD $65 for a pack of six. They can be re-used for up to 50 punctures. My pack of six Screw Caps contained four “regular” caps and two “large” caps. I was unaware that screwcaps come in two sizes. That was a surprise because after opening a large number of wines from a tasting I “mix and match” the screwcaps. Many don’t wind up on their original bottles but I have yet to find one that doesn’t fit. Coravin does sell boxes of regular and boxes of large Screw Caps.

Coravin Screw Caps have a re-sealable silicone wad that allows the machine needle to enter and exit the bottle without causing it to leak. It is important to immediately replace the regular screwcap with the Coravin Screw Cap and to resist the temptation to pour a glass between these two manoeuvres as that would allow air to enter the bottle.

I’ve set up a trial using a young Marlborough sauvignon, which will be compared with wine from an unopened bottle in three months’ time.

Stockists of Coravin and accessories are Fine Wine Delivery Company and First Glass Wines in Auckland, Moore Wilson in Wellington and Vino Fino in Christchurch.

3 thoughts on “Coravin now seals screwcaps”

  1. Bob Campball says:

    I agree that there are limited applications but I intend to use hte new screwcap feature. The piece was written by me, not Huon.

  2. John Quinn says:

    Not an alternative nor practical. Surprised Huon would provide a piece about them.

  3. Jonathon Tozer says:

    “The cork reseals itself”

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