A-mazza-ing wines from Mazza

David Mazza amongst the touriga vines (Photo: Mazza Wines)

David Mazza is a winemaker who rows his own boat. His pocket-handkerchief 10-acre vineyard is near Donnybrook in the Geographe region. This is 200 km south of Perth. The vineyards are further inland than Margaret River’s, affording higher altitudes and a wider diurnal temperature variation, day/night and summer/winter. It was named after an early French exploration ship, the Geographe, which accounts for the unusual spelling.

Mazza has eschewed the customary grape varieties for the south-west of WA and instead embraces the Iberian red varieties: tempranillo, graciano, touriga nacional, tinta cão, sousão and bastardo.

Curiously, he himself is of Italian extraction, not Spanish or Portuguese!

I tasted the latest crop of Mazza wines, all of which are modestly priced, and found a lot to like. The 2014 wines – touriga nacional, tempranillo and Cinque (the flagship blend of five grapes, graciano, tinta cão, touriga nacional, souzão and tempranillo) are all very stylish. None is overbuilt or oaky or try-hard: all have an effortless feel and are driven by their fruit.

There are no whites as yet (Mazza’s next project is to revive an unknown, old white grapevine he has found on a neighbouring farm), but there is a very good 2016 Bastardo Rosé, cast in a dry, savoury, pale-coloured ‘Provençal’ style.

David Mazza says:

“Many people have never tried any of these varietals, and are unsure where to start. We offer mixed six-packs so you can try all of the Mazza wines for AUD $145, which includes free delivery anywhere in Australia.”

Visit the Mazza website here.

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