2017 vintage down on last year

2016 Harvest at Mahana Estate in Nelson (Photo: Bob Campbell MW)

Official figures on the latest vintage reveal that it dropped by 9% on the previous year. Comparing performance with the previous year can be a little misleading. When results for the past six years are expressed in tonnes of grapes per hectare the 2017 harvest volume is in the middle of the bunch and might be even a little higher when the actual 2017 hectare figure is known.

Tonnes of grapes hectares Tonnes per hectare
2017 396,000 (est) 37,000 10.70
2016 420,356 36,192 11.61
2015 312, 387 35,859 8.71
2014 429,669 35,511 12.10
2013 336,337 35,182 9.56
2012 263,944 35,334 7.47

I have made a conservative estimate of hectares in 2017

Northland was 31% higher than the previous year, but the country’s tiniest wine region had little influence on the total. Marlborough, the wine industry’s engine room, contributed a massive 79% share of the total tonnage but dropped 6% on last year. Waipara was down on the previous year by around one-third.

Riesling suffered the largest fall in tonnage compared to the previous year with a drop of 35%. The other major varieties are shown below.

Tonnes in 2017 Change on last year
Sauvignon blanc 285,862 -6%
Pinot noir 28,760 -19%
Chardonnay 26,843 -8%
Pinot gris 20,755 -17%
Merlot 7,714 -17%
Riesling 2.880 -35%

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