Fun with ‘Ocker’ wine names

Yellow Tail’s Roopert the Roo (Photo: Via Youtube)

In days not so long gone by, Australia copped some flak for exporting wines which had names the high-minded thought cringe-worthy. Kanga Rouge, Wallaby White and Platypop were three of them.

In more recent times we’ve been responsible for a herd of ‘critter wines’ with names like Yellow Tail.

The time has come for a competition to find the quintessential Ocker wine name.

To get you started, here are some suggestions from some of my correspondents.

From Brian Miller:

  • Diamantino
  • Bridge Gridge
  • Shardon ‘ay
  • Sauvignon Plonk
  • Rizza
  • Pinot Nah

Nick Bulleid MW quotes an old British newspaper article which carried some suggestions for companion wines for Kanga Rouge:

  • Kippor Stralia White
  • Bluey Nun
  • Bondi Bleach

No need to recycle these old Monty Python names, memorable though they were:

  • Chateau Chunder
  • Black Stump Bordeaux
  • Sydney Syrup
  • Château Blue
  • Perth Pink
  • Coq du Rod Laver
  • Cuvée Réservé Château Bottled Nuits-Saint-Wagga Wagga

Send your offerings to There’s a prize for the best one.

2 thoughts on “Fun with ‘Ocker’ wine names”

  1. Warren says:

    Far Queue has potential for a Reserve bottling, as in Far Queue 2 ‘Sunshine’

  2. andrew s says:

    I’ve always been partial to “Far Queue”…

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