Civilised ‘necking’ with Guzzlebuddy

The Guzzlebuddy (Photo: Guzzlebuddy)

Like the universe, the world of wine gadgets is expanding. Year by year there are more decanting machines, aerating machines, magnetisers, microwave maturing devices, and preserving systems. They’re always expensive and they always appear in perfect time for Father’s Day.

Most take themselves seriously, even if their efficacy is doubtful. It’s been a long time between drinks for gadgets that don’t take themselves seriously. Remember those cans of Cellar Dust? And Dr David’s Port, which came with an IV drip line?

Relief is at hand. We now have the Guzzlebuddy. It’s basically just a wine-glass bowl that screws into the neck of a bottle. It’s the closest thing to shotgunning wine.

The slogans are ‘Plug it and chug it’, and ‘Pouring is Boring’.

I couldn’t tell the story half as well as Guzzlebuddy’s own propaganda, so click here to read.

If you’re going to give away your hard-earned to wine wankery produced by dodgy opportunists, you might as well have some fun. And at AUD $24.99 it’s relatively cheap.

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