A pair of Brodie pinots

Brodie Estate owners James and Ann Brodie (Photo: Brodie Estate)

Brodie Estate is a four-hectare pinot noir specialist In Martinborough. Their vineyard is dry farmed, which may at least partly explain the concentration that is evident in their wines. I tasted their 2014 Reserve Pinot Noir about nine months ago and awarded it 96 points. Two more equally impressive pinot noir samples were reviewed recently, the regular label from the very respectable 2013 and 2014 Martinborough vintages.

The 2013 Brodie Estate Pinot Noir is an elegant wine with impressive purity and power plus an ethereal texture. It’s the sort of wine that you are just starting to really enjoy when you realise the bottle is empty — I’m assuming two to three people here. (NZD $48)

The 2014 Brodie Estate Pinot Noir is a step or two up in concentration and complexity. A slightly more serious pinot noir that captures the essence of the variety and has Martinborough written all over it. (NZD $45)

Both are excellent wines. My order of preference could easily switch on a different occasion.

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