Wine and craft beer rub shoulders

Yeastie Boys Creative Director Stu McKinlay (Photo: Yeastie Boys website)

An innovative promotion featuring a specially made beer from Yeastie Boys and a tailor-made wine from Gladstone Vineyard will raise money to support the Arts Foundation.

The packaging is inspired by Dr Doolittle’s two-headed creature Pushmi-Pullyu in the hope that it will,

“encourage New Zealanders to see wine and beer in a new light, as both creative, interchangeable and unique.”

Pushmi is a co-fermented sauvignon blanc and viognier, in itself a pretty creative concept, half of which has been aged in old barrels to add texture to the wine. Described as “a generous full-flavoured beast with a finish that keeps giving.”

Pullyu is a strong white ale (7% alc.) made by taking some of Gladstone’s ‘Pushmi’ white wine and producing a candi sugar for use alongside the malt and hops.

“It will make a perfect aperitif … look for subtle spice and white wine notes on the nose, which integrates with the soft cereal breadth across the palate, with a very gentle cleansing finish.” Yeasty Boys’ spokesman, Stu McKinlay, explained, “People tend to label themselves as either wine or beer people. Wine has trouble breaking out of its very traditional box and beer has trouble being taken seriously as something more than a BBQ accompaniment.”

Pushmi wine is available on the Gladstone website for NZD $31.50 or you can buy a gift pack with a bottle of Pushmi wine and Pullyu beer for NZD $49.90.

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