Dry River offers recorking clinic

Dry River Syrah magnum (Photo: Dry River Wines)

Anyone with Dry River wines from the 2007 vintage or older can now get their wines topped and recorked for free at the Dry River winery on 2nd September. If you need another reason to justify a trip to Wellington Wine Country the date coincides with the Martinborough Jazz Festival.

Dry River winemaker, Wilco, has teamed up with Coravin to offer a safer service for your precious old bottles of their wines.

They will first take a sample using Coravin wine preservation system. That involves inserting a fine needle through the cork and extracting a wine sample which is replaced by the inert gas, Argon. When the needle is extracted the cork reseals itself and, according to the folk at Coravin, suffers no damage. The bottle can continue to be cellared as if no wine had been extracted.

Wilco will taste the wine. If it is faulty it won’t be recorked. If the wine is fine the cork will be removed and the bottle topped up with a current vintage of the same wine. They plan to use the Coravin machine to extract a fresh sample from a new bottle.

The wine is then recorked with a superior cork (Dry River moved to the very highest grade of corks from the 2013 vintage). The bottle will receive a recorking sticker signed by Wilco.

This is a great service offered by a serious producer renowned for making long-lived wines. I would expect Dry River bottles with a recorked sticker to command a premium on the secondary market.

2 thoughts on “Dry River offers recorking clinic”

  1. Mark says:

    Better still is to only buy screw-capped bottles.

  2. Marko says:

    I think this is a great idea. Penfolds have been offering it for years, originally starting with Grange, it has become a highly valued service. So, this really be only the second producer to offer this?

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