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Aldi supermarkets have set a new standard in value-for-money wines at the cheaper price points since they began retailing liquor in Victoria in 2003 and in NSW five years ago.

Their wines across many regions and styles – Tuscany, Rioja, Côtes-du-Rhône, Mosel Valley and Australia – have almost always impressed me. The quality/price balance is beyond belief. Just a year or two back, an AUD $4.99 Aldi rosé under the South Point label shocked everyone by winning a gold at Perth and blue-gold at the Sydney International Wine Competition.

Aldi’s AUD $11.99 Tudor Shiraz 2013 won gold medals at Hobart and Canberra and trophies at the SIWC a couple of years ago. And what about the AUD $4.99 El Toro Macho Spanish reds, made from tempranillo and bobal in the hitherto forgotten region of Utiel-Requena? They are amazing – a story for another day.

Back to the Aldi Australian wines. I recently tasted some new releases and again the value was astounding. These were especially good at their price:

These all scored well above average within their price brackets.

And these wines are the Aldi equivalent of flying business class: three 2015 Blackstone Paddock reds, all selling for AUD $17.99 (incredibly, the prices have just been dropped from AUD $19.99):

Aldi sells liquor in 294 of its stores in Victoria, ACT, NSW and is soon to launch in WA. Not all its stores sell liquor.

For the drinker on a strict budget who cares about quality, the Aldi offering is presently unequalled.

9 thoughts on “Value for money from Aldi”

  1. Peter Calder says:

    Thanks for the broad spectrum of wines you review and blind at that. I totally agree with your opinion about Aldi.
    They just supply wine with a open mind priced for the consumer. I was very disappointed when they closed their online operation. But this I feel will come back in due course.
    The relative quality and price of the Francois Lurton Malbec Reserve from Mendoza is a win in my opinion. I have bought the 2012,13,14 and still happy, what more would you want?

  2. doug says:

    Hey Huon didn’t Aldi produce wines a few year called Casper Hill and a Giocondo?

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      Yes, true. Ron Laughton tells me Casper Hill was very cheap and not even an Australian wine, let alone a Heathcote shiraz, so there was no possibility of people mistaking it for a Jasper Hill wine, and he didn’t challenge it. I think they disappeared long ago, as you’d expect.

  3. Bob says:

    And how many people drinking $6.99 wine would be reading this article?

    If I’m reading an article on watches, am I more likely to want to read one which is talking about the detail & luxury of Rolex, or how accurate the cheap digital watches from china are at keeping time? We need to stop the shrinking of much needed column space for amazing Australian wines by dumbing down the experience of living vicariously through someone who can afford magical wines. I don’t have to be able to afford it – its aspirational.

    I’m pretty sure the guy reviewing Chinese watches is not getting column space.

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      I take the attitude that people who are genuinely interested in wine are interested in the broad spectrum. There are many drinkers who have cheap wine as their everyday drink, and keep their fancier stuff for weekends and special occasions. I get more feedback from people who have enjoyed a cheap wine that I’ve recommended than any other wines.

      1. Robert O'Brien says:

        I’m with Huon , please keep reviewing all , we the people like our everyday tipple rated , we like to test our opinions .

  4. Ben says:

    Did you pay for the bottles yourself?

    1. Huon Hooke
      Huon Hooke says:

      No, but I’d have been happy to at those prices!

      1. Stephen Trevarthen says:

        I lived in Melbourne until two years ago returning to NZ. I shopped regularly at Aldi and purchased their wines frequently as they were great value and often award winning very palatable quaffers. I purchased wine elsewhere at boutique wineshops and also at megastores such as Dan Murphy’s.
        I wish Aldi’s were in NZ. They would certainly give the two largest supermarket chains a shakeup.

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