Three favourite wine glasses

I have over two dozen different wine glasses in my large “glasses cupboard” and have trialled many more. Yes, I understand the benefits of using a riesling glass for riesling and a merlot glass for merlot. I’ve attended a Riedel glass promotion hosted by George Riedel himself. I arrived a cynic and left as a believer. I spent a vast sum on “varietal” glasses but inevitable rationalisation took place and I now drink most of my wine from just three glasses.

Riedel Veritas New World Pinot Noir glass (Photo: Riedel)

Riedel Veritas New World Pinot Noir glass

I like big glasses. I also like the flared rim of this glass, which feels nicer than a conventional rim. There is absolutely no question that pinot noir tastes better when sipped from these glasses than from a non-pinot noir glasses. I don’t like the “brandy balloon” look of this glass but I absolutely love its ability to amplify the character of both white and red wines from sauvignon to syrah. I also love to drink port and sherry from this glass.

From a practical point of view, these glasses don’t stack easily in my dishwasher although they are surprisingly tough and I’ve suffered few breakages. In summary, I don’t like the way they look, I love to drink most wines from them, they are quite expensive but are fairly durable. (NZD $129 for two)

Gabriel glass (Photo: Gabriel Glas)

The Gabriel Glass

I’ve become quite attached to these glasses since I purchased a set from the importer, Schubert Wines, in Martinborough. They are super-light, very fine, great to drink from and I find the shape pleasing. I use these glasses to evaluate all the wines reviewed, including sparkling wine (although I prefer to drink sparkling wine from Champagne flutes).

They appear to be very fragile, although the only breakage I have experienced was when I dropped an ice cube into a glass which shattered into a million pieces (I was making a gin and tonic). They are versatile, reasonably affordable, great to use and moderately durable. (NZD $30 each. NZD $150 for a set of six)

Spiegelau Authentis Red Wine glass (Photo: Spiegelau)

Spiegelau Authentis Casual Red wine glass

I have previously written about my growing affection for stemless wine glasses. I have several different models but this is my favourite (it fits well into my slightly small hands). In addition to wine of all sorts they are good for beer, scotch, water, gin and tonic – in fact just about any liquid, with the possible exception of sparkling wine (although I do use them for sparkling water).

They are cheap, tough, practical and stack brilliantly in the dishwasher. My wife refuses to use them, preferring stemmed wine glasses. (NZD $15)

One thought on “Three favourite wine glasses”

  1. John Bartlett (JB) says:

    Hi Bob
    I too was a cynic with the whole “wine variety specific glass” philosophy until I did the Riedel Tasting at Ballentynes in CHCH many years ago – bought one of each style (a box full) but unfortunately I lost all my glasses in the ChCh earthquakes and never got round to replacing them…
    I’ve been using the Gabriel Glass for all my tastings since 2015 and I quite like it too… It’s a lovely shape, whatever (dishwasher safe) and my go-to glass for all wine tastings now!
    Here’s my Glass review after Martina at Schubert sent me a couple to try :
    All the best Bob – keep me posted with #nzwine stuff to share. Keep up the great work!

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