Brazen label rip-off

Villetta and Villa Maria labels (Photo: Via Twitter)

I wonder if by any chance they are related?

I’m in London where the owner of the NZ Wine Cellar, Melanie Brown, showed me something similar to the above snap. Both wines are currently being retailed by the large UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s. Villetta is, according to U.K. wine critic Robert Joseph, produced by Sainsbury’s and marketed exclusively in their stores for GBP £9.

Villetta is an unashamed rip-off of the Villa Maria label, which carries a Sainsbury’s price tag of GBP £9. Villa Maria (tastings) has earned a strong following for their wines over many years by offering consistent quality and exceptional value. Villetta will not only cannibalise the sales of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, it will undermine Villa Maria’s integrity and inevitably cost them valuable goodwill.

It is particularly odious to see a retailer adopt such an offensive, bully-boy tactic against one of its own suppliers.

If Villa Maria complains too strongly about Villetta they risk losing Sainsbury’s custom. If they do nothing they suffer a loss of brand value and condone an abusive relationship.

4 thoughts on “Brazen label rip-off”

  1. Simon Arthur Mill says:

    So disappointing to see a British supermarket chain rip off a New Zealand Product.

  2. Huon Hooke
    Huon Hooke says:

    Love to know who supplies the juice.

  3. Scott says:

    Truth be known that Villa Maria have sold an immense amount of wine unbranded in bulk, so the possibilities are the villetta may have more in common than just the label….

    1. Jennifer says:

      On behalf of Villa Maria I want to confirm that Villa Maria did not supply any wine for Villetta

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