New Zealand world’s 14th largest wine producer

Upper Awatere Valley (Photo: Bob Campbell MW)

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) has released a list of estimated production figures by country for the 2016 vintage. Points worth noting:

  • New Zealand maintained its 14th position
  • Russia overtook Portugal, putting it in 11th place
  • Italy has been the largest wine producing country for the past five years apart from 2014 when it was second after France.
  • China is in sixth place behind Australia, although the production figures submitted by China are questionable.
  • World wine production of around 260 million hl (hectolitres) was nearly the lowest level in the past five years, just ahead of 2012 when 258,100 million hl was produced.

Estimated production figures (million hl) by country are as follows:

Italy 48,800
France 41,900
Spain 37,800
The United States 22,500
Australia 12,500
China 11,500
Chile 10,100
South Africa 9,100
Argentina 8,800
Germany  8,400
 Portugal  5,600
 Russia  6,980
 Romania  4,900
 New Zealand  3,100
 Hungary  2,700
 Rest of World  26,900
 WORLD  261,580

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