Dan Murphy’s store to be demolished

Dan Murphy’s store in Leichhardt (Photo: Huon Hooke)

In a bizarre and expensive lapse of planning, the new Dan Murphy’s store in Leichhardt will be demolished, just a year after it opened, and the site resumed for a tunnel opening for the hated WestConnex Motorway that the NSW Government is foisting on the people of Sydney.

Dan Murphy’s owner Endeavour Drinks was notified by the leaseholder of the land on March 31 that the site had been selected by the relevant NSW government department. This followed the department’s rejection of a controversial second site adjacent to a school – the Leichhardt campus of the Sydney Secondary College.

The Sydney Morning Herald on April 1 speculated that the NSW Government would face a bill of tens of millions of dollars to buy the land, which is a narrow strip between the City West Link road and Darley Rd, Leichhardt. The paper reported the owner of the site has said the government would face a compensation bill in the order of $50 million.

The Dan Murphy’s shop is a short distance from Amato’s Liquor Mart in Norton Street (see my earlier story), so it is good news for Amato’s.

The Inner West Council’s position is that neither site should be used for tunnelling. A loud “Hear, hear!” can be heard rising from Sydney’s Inner West suburbs.

Any reasonable person might ask who gave permission for the bottle shop to be built there in the first place? Those persons should be held accountable.

Sydneysiders are becoming used to this sort of ‘planning’ from our leaders. And it’s our money that will be used to pay for the stuff-up.

3 thoughts on “Dan Murphy’s store to be demolished”

  1. Christian Maul says:

    Is flattening a Dan Murphy’s store bad new for a wine drinker? I don’t think so.
    Is it news at all? Not really.

  2. Bruce says:

    “the hated WestConnex Motorway”
    Really! hated!
    Not by Everybody.
    I live at North Strathfield, and we have waited far far too long for the motorway to be completed, traffic in Concords back streets has been terrible for years.
    It was always planned to continue past Concord.
    We are glad its finally happening at this end. We have done our time.

    1. Luke says:

      Bad luck Bruce, Westconnex is going to make your life even harder. It’s only there to benefit the Alexandria shipping yard by giving late trucks direct access in and out, while keeping regular motorists on Parramatta Road and Princes Hwy – unless you want to pay $7 everytime you need to drive 10km to the city.

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