D’Arenberg’s crazy cube

The D’Arenberg cube (Photo: D’Arenberg Wines)

D’Arenberg’s (tastings) brilliantly eccentric, colourfully-shirted winemaker/proprietor Chester Osborn has recently been cast as the Mad Hatter, and the cap seems to fit rather well.

His latest project is a kind of Rubik’s Cube-like, four-storey tall, glass-and-mirror building recently erected among the D’Arenberg vines. The D’Arenberg Cube apparently cost millions and is sure to win some architectural award for its highly original and strangely-shaped conception.

Experts have predicted it will have a big impact on visitor numbers to McLaren Vale, although parallels some have drawn with Hobart’s Mona art gallery might be exaggerated. Who knows?

The building will eventually house a tasting room, up-market restaurant and bars. A virtual reality experience is also on the plans.

The best article I’ve seen on the Cube is by my colleague Tony Love in the New Adelaide magazine, Feb-April 2017. Its cover features a great shot of Chester dressed as a wine-spilling Mad Hatter with the Cube in the background. Here’s the link.

Bravo, Chester, for taking winery tourism to a new level.

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