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Giesen Riesling 2015, New Zealand, NZD $16.99

Soft, juicy and moderately sweet riesling with lovely sweet-and-sour action, a smooth texture and pleasant floral and citrus flavours. I particularly like the wine’s acidity, which is perfectly in balance with the level of sweetness without being too obvious. Very good value at this price. (Screwcap)

Score: 93 ★★★★½ – view on

Alcohol: 10%

Ageing: now to 2021

Food: King prawns saltimbocca, lemon aioli

Stockists: Giesen Wines; First Glass Wines, Auckland; Vino Fino, Canterbury (NZ);

Ranked #5 of 15 2015 Riesling tasted from New Zealand

Price Benchmark: NZD $25.71 Avg 93pt 2015 Riesling tasted from New Zealand

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