Hopping mad or stroke of genius

Yellow Tail’s Roopert the Roo (Photo: Via Youtube)

A dude in a yellow suit, a stuffed kangaroo, a barbecue, a beach, and Ellie Gonsalves in a white bikini.

That’s Yellow Tail’s US Super Bowl ad.

The campaign was a roaring success, boosting sales by 26% in January. It’s apparently the first time in 12 years the Yellow Tail brand has experienced a sales spike of more than 20% in one month.

Yellow Tail (tastings) is the biggest imported wine brand in the US and sells 8 million cases a year. However, January has typically been a quiet month. The ad was pre-released online, resulting in 200 million media impressions.

The ad has sparked a lot of debate at home, mostly centring on whether it’s in bad taste, or just plain crass. It’s also been accused of embarrassing Australia internationally.

The take-home message from the debate seems to be that wine industry insiders and learned observers of human behaviour need to realise the ad is not aimed at them, but rather at an audience they probably know very little about.

Take a look and make up your own mind.

One thought on “Hopping mad or stroke of genius”

  1. Ian MacTavish says:

    People, it’s a commercial.
    It is not a doco on the history of Australian wine nor a anthem to modern Australian virtues. It was made and paid for by the people who want to sell their level of wine. By that measure it worked. Those of you who would prefer a different presentation of your idea of Australia, get your own money out. There are plenty of other avenues to present our country’s finest.

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