Wine certificate courses

Bob Campbell MW (Photo: The Real Review)

Currently available courses are:


  • Five-week at Caro’s Wines, Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn, March 7th
  • One-day (9am to 5pm) at Caro’s Wines, Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn, starts March 12th

Content in both the one-day and five-week courses is identical. Choose a timeframe that best suits your schedule.


  • One-day (9am to 5pm) at the George Hotel on March 19th


  • One-day (9am to 5pm) at Mahana winery on April 9th

New course dates are only set as each existing course fills. In Auckland courses run throughout the year while regional courses are run once or twice a year.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to get better value from your wine purchases.
  • Make more sense of restaurant wine lists.
  • Distinguish the characteristics of different wines.
  • How to make wine taste better.
  • How to select wines for current drinking and for cellaring.
  • How to match wine and food.
  • How to identify faulty wines.
  • The best conditions for storing wine.
  • How to maximise the life of leftovers.
  • Perfect wine serving temperatures.
  • Why some wines need decanting and others don’t.
  • The language of wine.
  • Why some vintages are better than others.
  • How to taste wine like a professional.
  • Many other useful tips for increasing your enjoyment of wine.

Cost: (both one-day and five-week courses) $249 (includes GST)

To book: click on “Courses”

One thought on “Wine certificate courses”

  1. Chris Tyquin says:

    Bob ,
    Any chance you might be running one of the one day courses near Nelson in mid October ? . Myself and about ten wine loving mates will be over from Brisbane for a few days fly fishing at Owens River ( a lodge that i gather Huon is familiar with ) . cheers Chris

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