Wine of the Week NZ

Crown Range Cellar The Stolen Heart Merlot Malbec Cabernet Franc 2013, Hawke’s Bay, NZD $49.99

Elegant, dense and yet quite racy red with merlot setting the pace. Supple and moderately complex wine with blackberry, raspberry, violet and spicy oak flavours. Reasonably firm tannins suggest that the wine’s best years are ahead of it. (Screwcap)

Score: 94 ★★★★½ – view on

Alcohol: 13%

Food: Savannah chateaubriand

Stockists: Crown Range Cellar (NZ & AU)

Ranked #13 of 39 2013 Merlot Blend tasted from Hawke’s Bay

Price Benchmark: NZD $38.24 Avg 94pt 2013 Merlot Blend tasted from New Zealand

Price Rating Map & Vintage Chart: How the wine fits in the winery’s range?

One thought on “Wine of the Week NZ”

  1. Mark Hubbard says:

    We’ve been drinking a lot of Aussie (mainly), French and Spanish reds lately, and note they seem to average an alcohol content of 14.5% (with one bottle up to 15%), whereas our (NZ) reds seem to average about 13%. Is there a reason for that, or just coincidental on the overseas reds we’re drinking?

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