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Devil’s Corner Pinot Noir 2016, Tasmania, AUD $22

Good, affordable pinot noir is extremely hard to find however this wine from Devil’s Corner delivers an honest pinot experience. Made from fruit sourced from Tasmania’s east coast, the wine is brimming with youthful exuberance, with snappy, bright, friendly characters of red berries and gentle spice.

It is perfect for casual dining and if serving in warm weather, ensure its temperature is hovering in the 14 to 16-degree range.

Score: 89 ★★★½

Alcohol: 13%

Ageing: Now to 2019

Food: Asian duck salad

Stockists: Brown Brothers Wines; Dan Murphy’s stores (AU); Taylor Brown (NZ distributor)


2 thoughts on “Buy of the Week AU”

  1. Toni Paterson MW
    Toni Paterson MW says:

    Love it! I often find that the best wines need a little time to open up. Like some people….

  2. Gillman Ken says:

    Thanks Toni, great tip. Lunch- just entered my note on this one, opened yesterday (needs a little time to open up). I share my tasting note “10/2/2017- (def serve lightly chilled 12-14c). now it has opened up it is quite delightful, balanced, perfumed, gentle. Light but with moderate length to palate. Nothing not to like about it, simply does not know the meaning of ‘wine-making-fault’. Astonishing for $17. Prob the best value/$ pinot I have ever had retail. There must be a danger of mass suicides in Burgundy.”

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