Winegrowers survey quake damage

Landslide on NZ road after earthquake.

Landslide on NZ road after earthquake. (Photo: credit AP.)

NZ Winegrowers have finally released an estimate of earthquake damage to Marlborough wineries. They calculate that 2% of Marlborough’s total production was lost. CEO Philip Gregan said,

“While this is frustrating, this is not a major concern as vintage 2016 was a near record one. This means there is plenty of wine available to continue our market growth.”

As expected the major impact on wineries has been to storage tanks.

“Many wineries, both small and large have escaped with no damage at all, but in others, damage to tanks has occurred. Our initial estimate is that 80% of tank capacity in Marlborough is undamaged, but around 20% has been impaired to some extent. These numbers may change as the process of damage assessment continues.”

The priority for wineries with damaged tanks is to repair or replace the tanks they need to have in working condition for vintage 2017.

“The process of tank repair is already underway but it is going to be a big task which will continue for many months. We have been liaising with affected wineries, engineers, tank manufacturers, the government and the Marlborough District Council to ensure there are no unnecessary impediments to that process proceeding as quickly and safely as possible.”

I downloaded the GeoNet app which measures earthquake activity in New Zealand. There are still plenty of minor aftershocks happening particularly around Kaikoura and Seddon. It would seem that it’s less a case of “bouncy Blenheim” and more a case of “shaky Seddon”.

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