Drinking habits of US Presidents

Donald Trump

Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore. Source: Wikipedia)

Donald Trump now US president – that’s scary. Even scarier is the fact that he opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP – which sounds like some new designer drug). That opposition will cost the wine industry as estimated $10m each year.

But wait, there’s more scary stuff. Trump is a teetotaller!

How does that compare with the drinking habits of other recent US Presidents? My rating out of 10 points in brackets (1 = doesn’t drink, 10= party animal)

  • Donald Trump (1) Tee-Totaller
  • Barack Obama (8) Has an impressive wine cellar in Chicago and is open about his history with weed
  • George W. Bush Jnr (5) Pre-1986 to drink the “four B’s” — beer, bourbon, and B&B”, moderation after 1986
  • Bill Clinton (6) Developed an allergy to all alcohol except vodka by the late ‘70s
  • George Bush Snr (4) Occasionally drinks vodka martinis. Everything else in moderation
  • Ronald Reagan (4) Would famously drink one screwdriver and cut himself off.
  • Jimmy Carter (2) Outlawed hard liquor at the White House
  • Gerald Ford (4) Had the odd gin and tonic. Wife started the Betty Ford Centre for alcoholism
  • Richard Nixon (4) Nixon didn’t party, but he did hole up in the White House with some cocktails when he was at his most paranoid
  • Lyndon Johnson (10) You think a man who nicknamed his penis “Jumbo” and ordered his Secret Service agents to routinely refill his Scotch and soda didn’t party?

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