Personalised wine labels takes off

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Personalised wine labels are all the rage – improved technology has made them easier than ever to produce. Once upon a time you had to place an order of many dozens of bottles, but today you can order as few as one bottle.

Brendan Hilferty, a former sommelier and long-time retailer (remember The Wine Point at Birkenhead Point which sold cleanskins?) is now big-time into the customised label business.

Hilferty tells me: “The Wine Point business has pretty much morphed into a personalised/custom label wine offering, targeting corporate gifts, birthdays, weddings etc. Personalisation is so hot right now.

“I’ve just launched a new version of the website

“The site allows the client to customise a wine label using a series of templates. They can upload images from their Instagram, Facebook or device (it works well on iPad, mobile and desktop) – add some text and place the order. Minimum orders from just a single bottle. Something unique for the wine gift market, I think.

“No-one else is really out there doing it – not at this level of technology, anyway.”

You can choose from seven whites, seven reds, bubblies and port. The whites include Marlborough sauvignon, Clare riesling, Margaret River chardonnay and Victorian pinot gris; the reds include Heathcote or Barossa shiraz, Victorian pinot noir and Coonawarra cabernet. Prices are on a sliding scale: a dozen purchase gives you 50% off the single-bottle price; six bottles gives you a 30% discount.

Sounds like just the thing for a Christmas pressie with a difference.

One thought on “Personalised wine labels takes off”

  1. Paul Coghlan says:

    Mindless way to flog cheap grog to narcissists.

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