Angove distills first whisky

The Angove brandy cellar

The Angove brandy cellar (Photo: Angove Family Winemakers)

With the intense interest in bespoke spirits in recent years, it was probably inevitable. One of Australia’s oldest, most established distillers, Angove (tastings), renowned for its St Agnes brandies for nearly a century, has just distilled its first whisky.

The small-batch whisky was distilled in Angove’s ancient Jennings copper pot still at Renmark. It will now go into small oak barrels where it will mature for several years – exactly how many is unknown. The family company is coy about the length of maturation, probably because it doesn’t know precisely.

The single malt whisky will be the first-ever ‘legal’ whisky distilled in the South Australian Riverland, according to the company. Angove went into partnership with distinguished Adelaide brewer Coopers to produce a ‘classic single malt beer base’, according to Richard Angove.

Master distiller Ben Horley said:

“We will be assessing the whisky regularly but it will be a number of years before we will see the release. Oak maturation takes time and patience, and we are lucky that we have these.”

Richard Angove adds:

“Brandy takes time, patience and craft and we see similarities with whisky. Our aim is to produce a super-premium single malt whisky that has character and vibrancy. A whisky that shows the benefits of ageing in small oak and speaks to the history of our historic barrel halls.”

*Note to Richard Angove: I see an opportunity for a special ‘brandy-barrel aged’ whisky.

One thought on “Angove distills first whisky”

  1. Richard says:

    Many thanks for your kind words on our little whisky project. It has been a lot of fun working on it, doing bench trials with the beer base and finally committing to a full Double Pot Still run.

    You are absolutely spot on with our plans for maturation. We plan to re-cooper some ex brandy fill, ex grand tawny fill and ex sherry fill hogshead barrels to 100L small oak barrels to make a rich, brandy, tawny sherry style.

    Should be fun blending and it will be a number of years for sure before release.



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