Ian Morden joins Mission Hill

Mission Hill Winery

Mission Hill Winery (Photo: )

Ian Morden, who recently left his position as Estate Director of Cloudy Bay (tastings), has announced his new position as Managing Director of Mission Hill Family Estate in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

“The landscape, distinctive wines and people of the Okanagan have inspired me in a similarly primal way to when I first set foot in Marlborough. Canada fills the senses. It is like New Zealand in panorama – the mountains are higher, the lakes are larger and the climate is more extreme.”

Enthused Morden.

“This is a landscape of imposing proportions and my experience in places like Central Otago is that great wines are often born of this kind of adversity. My first taste of a fine Canadian Pinot Noir was one of those ‘discovery moments’ of my wine career. It was a Mission Hill wine at the Cloudy Bay 2012 international benchmark tasting.”

Morden follows in the footsteps of ex-Montana winemaker, John Simes, who joined Mission Hill in 1992 and is credited with putting the Okanagan Valley on the map as a premium wine region with a trophy winning Chardonnay from his first vintage. Simes moved from his winemaking position last year to assume control of the company’s 1,000 acres of vineyards.

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