Wine in a can


Andrew Bailey (Photo: )

Wine in a can is coming soon to a store near you, at least that’s the hope of Misty Cove founder and winemaker, Andrew Bailey, who has just released New Zealand’s very first canned wine.

The initial release is a 330ml can of 2016 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc or 2015 Marlborough Pinot Noir. It’s identical to the equivalent Misty Cove wine (tastings) packaged in glass bottles. The full retail price is $9.99 but Bailey is optimistic that it will sell for as low as $7.99, the equivalent of $18.16 for a 750ml bottle.

Why choose a can instead of a glass bottle, plastic bottle or bag-in-the-box? The answer, according to Bailey is;

“no light strike, reduce oxidisation, super portable, less packaging and easily recyclable.”

Bailey claims that the “vinsafe liner” in the cans will not react with wine which should remain fresh for a long time.

I’m all in favour of choice particularly, as Bailey says, if it introduces new consumers to wine. It’s a brave initiative.

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