Old vine beauty

Stonecroft-Old-Vine-Chardonnay-2015Stonecroft Old Vine Chardonnay 2015, Gimblett Gravels, Hawke’s Bay, NZD $45

Classy chardonnay with impressive and power that’s delivered with consummate subtlety. A creamy-textured wine with oyster shell, mineral, grapefruit and white peach together with an attractive bran biscuit and brioche character. Sophisticated chardonnay with a lingering finish. (Screwcap)

Score: 95 ★★★★★ – view on BobCampbell.nz

Alcohol: 14%

Ageing: now to 2022

Food: Tuatua fritters with sour pickle & egg mayo, fried capers

Stockists: Stonecroft Wines; Vino Fino, Christchurch; Wineseeker, Wellington (NZ)

Ranked #3 of 27 2015 Chardonnay tasted from New Zealand

Price Benchmark: NZD $44.21 Avg 95pt 2015 Chardonnay tasted from New Zealand

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