‘Savnami’ continues to flow

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The New Zealand sauvignon blanc boom has swept all before it for the last decade or so, with Margaret River semillon sauvignon blanc blends and Adelaide Hills sauvignon blanc suffering more than most.

Whenever there’s a slight hiccup in the ‘savnami’ the Aussie wine industry becomes extremely animated.

Nepenthe (tastings), the Adelaide Hills brand of Australian Vintage (formerly McGuigan Wines) recently issued an excited press release, declaring that new figures indicated Aussie sauvignon blanc had become a ‘driving force of its own’ in the Australian market.

“According to recent IRi figures, Australian sauvignon blanc is in value growth of 18% versus New Zealand sauvignon blanc, which has seen a decline of 2% in value over the past two years. Additionally, Australian sauvignon blanc is in strong volume growth of 28% while New Zealand has grown only 5% over the past two years,”

Said the Nepenthe statement.

But the truth is that Kiwi sauvignon blanc is still enormous, and still growing – although its growth has (predictably) slowed. Not only that but 20 of the top 25 selling sauvignons blancs are from New Zealand, and the five Aussies are lowly placed at 9, 12, 23, 24 and 25 out of the 25. These wines are Jacob’s Creek (tastings), Lindemans (tastings) bin series and Hardy’s (tastings) cheapies, hardly wines to get excited about. In price and value terms, the New Zealand wines are way ahead.

But Aussie drinkers are still loving Marlborough savvy. However, let’s give Nepenthe their day in the sun. They do deserve it.

Nepenthe Altitude, from the Adelaide Hills, is placed 4th in the $16-$25 price-bracket of sauvignon blanc sales. (Most sauvignon blanc is now selling well under $15 a bottle.)

The over-$25 price bracket is led by Shaw + Smith (tastings), another Adelaide Hills wine, ahead of Marlborough’s Cloudy Bay (tastings) and Dog Point (tastings).

Nepenthe’s statement accompanied the launch of the 2016 vintage of its $20 Altitude Sauvignon Blanc.

*Data from AVL.

One thought on “‘Savnami’ continues to flow”

  1. Tim Jirgenson says:

    Go the Aussie savy’s! Nepenthe offers so much more than that overly acidic kiwi crap!

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