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Clare Valley family wine company Pikes has bought a Polish Hill River riesling vineyard from Treasury Wine Estates. The 16-hectare vineyard is conveniently opposite the Pikes front gate.

It was planted by Wolf Blass Wines (tastings) in 1980 when Wolf Blass riesling was riding high, and before the company fell into the hands of Southcorp, then Treasury.

Said chief winemaker Neil Pike:

“We are delighted with our purchase. We think the fruit from a mature vineyard such as this can only add to the overall quality of our riesling wines.”

The Pikes brand (tastings) already stands for a series of superb rieslings – among other varietals – and includes the flagship riesling, The Merle (tastings), and second-string Traditionale (tastings), which is one of the best value for money rieslings on the market.

Neil Pike is bullish about the quality of the 2016 vintage rieslings.

“It seems 2016 has been another in a line of really good riesling vintages in Clare – right up there with 2013, 2014 and 2015, though probably not quite to the level of the exceptional 2012s.”

His excitement was corroborated by Peter Barry of Jim Barry Wines (tastings).

He said that after an early, condensed vintage that began on January 28, the riesling grapes came in with remarkably low pH (2.81), high acidity (7.3 grams/litre) and low sugar levels (between 10.8 and 11.5 Baumé). He also reminds us that June was the 30th anniversary of his family’s purchase of the famous Florita vineyard from Lindemans.

Pikes in 2016, Barrys in 1986… the true believers in Clare riesling are evidently the small wineries.

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  1. Toni says:

    So exciting to see this beautiful vineyard in the hands of someone with utmost respect for the region and its history. Congratulations Neil and Andrew.

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