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The Northern Advocate newspaper reported on a consumer backlash to the disappearance of Longview Estate’s White Diamond, a sweet, sickly wine made from a North American grape of the same name.

White Diamond is a cross between the Concord and Iona grape varieties. It is a popular eating grape in the US but makes wine that is often described as tasting like a combination of diesel and a feral animal, possibly a fox. The Longview website accurately notes, “once tasted, never forgotten”.

I have tasted White Diamond and although I didn’t record a tasting note recall that the wine was musty, confected and sweet.

Longview (tastings) was recently purchased from the Vuletich family by the Australian Food Corporation (AFC) and the new owners, who describe the brand as a “star” plan to export it all to China, which will dry up stocks on the local market.

AFC spokesman, Brent King said;

“The flavour is very attractive to the Chinese palate. It is fruity with a strong grape flavour and quite sweet.”

However, local fans have reacted with sadness and disbelief according to the Northern Advocate.

I’m sure I could convince disappointed White Diamond fans to jump ship by getting them to taste it alongside Pegasus Bay Aria Late Harvest Riesling (tastings). Pegasus Bay is a few dollars more expensive but is undeniably better value.

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