Calling Corbans old persons

Corban Winery old pic

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Dog Point (tastings) owner/winemaker James Healy and marketing consultant Kathie Bartley are organising a reunion for all “Corbans old persons” who worked for the winery prior to the sale of the business to Montana Wines.

A reunion dinner is planned for Friday 11 November 2016 (the day before the Air New Zealand Wine Awards) in Auckland. Anyone interested and eligible should contact Kathie on 021 275 9908.

I worked for Corbans from 1979 to 1986. For the first two years, I was based in Los Angeles managing their export office for US sales. When I returned to New Zealand in 1982 I went on a marketing course before taking up a marketing role with the company. They were happy days but not as happy, I have to say, as the days that followed when I left the company in 1986 to become a self-employed writer and wine educator.

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