The world’s most southerly vineyards

Wild thyme on Hinton Estate Vineyard

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About a year ago I responded to a claim that Central Otago is not the world’s most southerly wine region and that Patagonia wineries were further south. After a little research and with the help of Google maps, I established that the most southerly Central Otago wine producers were in the fact the world’s most southerly producers.

Phil Handford, managing director of Grasshopper Rock (tastings), one of the most southerly vineyards in Alexandra, was attending the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium held in England in May where it was claimed that Patagonia deserves to wear the crown for southerly wine growing.

After some scholarly research, Phil agreed with my thesis. He found some evidence of grape growing trials below 45 degrees (the vineyards at Alexandra are on the 45.25 degrees south latitude) and said,

“This is similar to New Zealand where small numbers of vines grow south of 45.25 degrees south but these have proved to be unsustainable winegrowing ventures due to the more extreme and unreliable weather.”

To see the full and very interesting blog written by Phil on the subject go to

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