Great value chardonnay

glass of chardonnay

How ever did we manage before the ‘sort’ function was invented? I love the ability of databases to sort. I recently sorted out the wines under $23 in my latest chardonnay tasting of 127 wines, to see how the value-for-money stacked up. My scores on these wines range from 92 down to 85.

Not surprisingly, most of those at the top of the list are also at the top of the price range, but there are some obvious bargains. Aldi’s Tudor brand consistently shows up as good value in my tastings. McGuigan, Yarran and Hesketh are also no strangers to the value discussion, and as for De Bortoli, I’m almost feeling bad about mentioning them so often. They consistently over-deliver.

One wine you mightn’t have heard of is Once & Well. Freya Hohnen is a daughter of David Hohnen, who founded Cape Mentelle (tastings) and Cloudy Bay (tastings). No wonder she has wine in her blood. The name refers to a saying of her famous father. He apparently used to urge his children to do a job only once, but do it well.

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