Succulent sweetie

Di Lusso Estate Appassimento, Mudgee 2010 AUD$65 (375ml)

This unusual ‘meditation wine’ is modelled on Italian Vin Santo. Imagine an unfortified amontillado sherry and you’ll be close. With a full amber colour, it displays complex wood-matured characters including malt, toffee and rancio. Sweet in the mouth but not luscious, with a cleansing, drying finish, pleasant savouriness and long aftertaste. (Diam cork; 7.1 per cent alcohol)

Score: 94 ★★★★½ – view on

Ageing: Best within two or three years.

Food idea: Nuts and dried fruits.


Ranked #5 of 48 2010 Sémillon tasted from New South Wales

Price Benchmark: $46.50 Avg 94pt 2010 Sémillon tasted from Australia


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